" Your Brain’s Personal Gym in the Palm of your Hand!" Become a ‘Brainer’ and Boost your Mental Health Fitness and Academic Performance.

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Brainerbook Mission

To provide unrivaled affordable education to college and university students at a very cheap price.

To help all college and university students regain control over their lives and boost their mental health by overcoming distractions and unwanted habits.

Brainerbook Vision

  • A world where going to college and university is redundant since individuals can receive a university education cheaply straight from the comfort of their home.
  • A world where distracting social media platforms are relegated to a secondary position after people focus more on…

"Harnessing" the power of technology to improve their...

Real life relationships

Keep track of your real life relationships and store important information, events and memories of your loved ones and closest friends.


Help you keep good care of yourself by focusing on things such as sleep, spirituality, hygiene, music and meditation.


Help you navigate the complexities of personal finance with clarity and confidence.

Diet and

Embark on a transformative journey to optimal health through intelligent meal tracking and preparation.

Life Purpose

Uncover your personal purpose of life and mission whatever it may be. And track your progress as you strive each day to fulfill it.

Curricular and Extra-Curricular Education

Pre-plan and time all of your readings and study sessions. Optimize your studying by using advanced Flashcards called “Brain Updates” that are far more fun and effective.


Help you organize and pre-plan all of your enjoyable hobbies so that you have time to do the things that make you feel happy that you love.

Health and Exercise

Elevate your physical health and well-being through intelligent goal setting and weekly tracked exercises.

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