" Your Brain’s Personal Gym in the Palm of your Hand!" Become a ‘Brainer’ and Boost your Mental Health Fitness and Academic Performance.

Brainerbook is an app in pre-launch currently in the fund raising stages of development. Brainerbook is designed to help individuals strengthen their mental health and boost their academic and professional performance.

The App developers are a company called Arctic Edge Digital based in Cape Town, South Africa. They are a team of reputable skilled individuals who have done a wonderful job in designing prototype versions of the app that have been modified and tested numerous times to function effectively. Brainerbook- a high quality product at just a fraction of the cost! 

Indirect Competitor Comparisons

Here are some other wildly successful apps with a similar target market that already have a large user base. Let’s see how they compare to Brainerbook.

BRAINERBOOK VS CALM (Proactivity vs Reactivity)

Calm is a mental health “destressor” app that has a valuation of 2 billion with 4 million paid annual subscribers.

What distinguishes Brainerbook from Calm, and why we are convinced that Brainerbook will be more successful, is because Brainerbook takes a proactive approach to optimizing mental health while Calm takes a reactive approach. Meaning, while Calm is used to reduce stress after it occurs, Brainerbook is used to prevent stress before it happens. This is done through Brainerbook’s ability to help organize your thoughts, activities and behavior so that you can live your life in the most stress free efficient way possible.

BRAINERBOOK VS BLINKIST (Depth vs Superficiality)

Blinkist is an app with a valuation of over 2 billion USD and a user base of 23 million individuals.

Blinkist has the purpose of simply providing the user with short distilled versions of book summaries in audio format. It is safe to assume that Blinkist’s target market and user base consisting of 23 million are individuals who wish to learn and expand their intellectual horizons, however we at Brainerbook are convinced that because of the oversimplified “fast and easy” nature of the learning that is promoted by Blinkist, that it is an inferior product to Brainerbook since it does not scientifically enable effective knowledge learning and retention.

BRAINERBOOK VS BeReal (Utility vs Frivolity)

BeReal is an app that has 73.3 million monthly active users and over 20 million active daily users.

BeReal is a new social media app that launched in 2020 that focuses on sharing unfiltered authentic pictures of whatever it is that you are doing at the time the app asks you to. This is done at moments throughout the course of your day. These pictures are then shared with your friends immediately with no embellishments and are just “real”. The fact that a simple unique app such as BeReal is able to amass such a large following in a relatively short period of time is a strong indication that millions of people are looking for a new and better alternative to many of the social media platforms that they are accustomed to using. BeReal’s success is proof that there is space in the market for a meteoric rise of a new alternative to social media platform which Brainerbook intends to fill.

BRAINERBOOK VS Facebook (Real life Activity vs In-Screen Activity)

Facebook has 2.9 Billion monthly users and is currently the largest social media platform. However, its usage is beginning to decline among millennials and especially among Gen Z.

This decline could be interpreted as a strong indication that a vast amount of people are slowly but surely beginning to realize that Facebook may not be the best place for them to use their time and give their attention. This means that many of these people likely are in search of alternatives or something better that can take its place. In addition there is considerable amount of evidence indicating that Facebook is detrimental to the user’s mental health which gives us more reason to believe that it is time for something new and better. This is where we believe Brainerbook can step in and fill in the gap and begin to gradually challenge Facebook’s supremacy among a significant niche of people who are waiting for something better.

The Books Behind Brainerbook

This section is for anyone who still is curious and would like to know more about exactly what Brainerbook is and has to offer.

When the founder Fonchia Zama-Chi designed Brainerbook, he based the app’s function and design philosophy on the knowledge provided in several books. They are:

Hooked by Nir Eyal

This is for revealing the hidden method that most big tech companies use to draw in and “hook” their users to their services. Unlike many big tech companies however, Brainerbook is providing a service that benefits the user, so being “hooked” to using it, will provide massive benefits to the user’s life instead of time wasting distractions.

Indistractable by Nir Eyal

This relates deeply to the philosophy used in the mental health well-being section of Brainerbook. In this book Eyal explains what we can do to overcome and regain control over our lives that seem to be overflowing with distractions. This holds major significance since one of the key purposes of Brainerbook is to help the user overcome all of his/her daily distractions that seem to be draining their time and attention.

Make it Stick by Peter C. Brown et al

This is a seminal piece of scientific literature that explores the question of what is required to truly make information stick in your long-term memory. Brainerbook takes the tested findings explained in this book and incorporates them into the Learning section of the app. This then enables users to learn whatever it is they desire in the most efficient scientifically effective way possible

Retention Point by Robert Skrob

This wonderful book written by Robert Skrob describes what it takes for an app to overcome the initial “friction’ that occurs when new users arrive, and what is required to make them “stick” afterwards and become long-term fans. When it comes to an app like Brainerbook, applying the knowledge inside this book is essential for optimal results. And done effectively will ensure that when new users arrive, they are here to stay.

Ultra Learning by Scott Young

This book documents and explains an extraordinary method used that can allow anyone to learn almost anything in a relatively very short amount of time. Considering the fact that Brainerbook specializes in Edtech, this book is extremely useful since many of the themes can be applied and adapted to the app. This is done in order to enable users to learn large amounts of knowledge in the shortest amount of time possible.

Killing Weakness by Ryan Perez

The contents of this book is all about psychology and building up mental strength. Brainerbook’s focus in the mental health section is not only about maintaining good user emotional well-being, but also about making sure the user mind is healthy, fit, and strong and enable to overcome the daily obstacles that we face each and every day, that often can “beat us down” and reduce our happiness and self-esteem.

One Million Followers by Brendan J. Kane

In this pivotal piece of literature, author Brendan J. Kane explains what it takes to gain a following of One MIllion people, within just a month. The findings of this book inspired the creation of a mechanism of the app that will help Brainerbook emulate Kane’s
success in accumulating an astronomical amount of fans in such a short period of time.

How is Brainerbook DIFFERENT from Most Unsuccessful Startups

About the Founder - Fonchia Zama-Chi

Fonchia Zama-Chi is a 31 year old social entrepreneur who loves intellectual and physical pursuits. Fonchia is on an onerous mission to make the world a smarter place starting with himself each day. His favorite books are “Awaken Your Inner Genius” by Sean Patrick and “Make it Stick” by Peter C. Brown

Fonchia identifies as: an Innovator. Strategist. Leader. Lifelong learner. Avid reader. Risk-taker. Thrill-seeker.

Our Superpower

Everyone is born with a “superpower”. Their hidden “latent potential”. And the purpose of life is to find it. And when you do you have two options. You can either use it selfishly for yourself and kin or you can use it for GOOD and the betterment of all mankind.
Unfortunately in this day and age where greed runs rampant it seems most people, upon finding their superpower choose to use it mostly just to serve only their immediate families and themselves. That is why there is an extremely large concentration of wealth and power in just a few hands, and so little in many. My goal for Brainerbook is to change that by leveling the playing field. This is done by enabling affordable education not just to the wealthy elite who are able to pay the high tuition, but EVERYONE around the world monthly for just a few bucks.

About the CTO - Ali Hassan

A Tech Enthusiast on a Mission

Hi! I’m Ali Hassan, a 28-year-old entrepreneur, and computer scientist deeply immersed in the world of programming and technology. My journey into the realms of technology began at an early age, fueled by an insatiable curiosity for computers and coding. Over the years, I’ve become a guiding force in this dynamic field.

Pioneering Tech Innovation

Thriving in Challenges

Strategic Thinking

Dedicated to Excellence

My adventure as a tech visionary took off from my passion for knowledge. I’ve stayed committed to keeping pace with the latest trends and breakthroughs in the tech world. For me, staying at the cutting edge of technology is the key to delivering innovative solutions.

I excel in navigating challenging environments with grace and precision. I see problems as opportunities and thrive in crafting solutions that defy expectations. My journey has taught me the value of adaptability and resilience

I approach every problem with a strategic mindset, deconstructing complexity to craft elegant and pragmatic solutions. My blend of creativity and practicality sets me apart in the tech landscape.

I hold myself and my work to the highest standards of excellence. Every project I undertake is a reflection of precision, quality, and innovation.

Word from the Founder

Ali truly is a unique person and I feel very privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to form the founding team with him. Since I first met Ali, I didn’t have to look hard to see that this is a young man who is passionate, skilled and experienced at his craft and is definitely the “tech guy” or “Hacker” Brainerbook was lacking and needed to reach success. Ali’s role is essential to the company and I am glad to have him as an integral member of the team.
What I like most about Ali is how his mind works which is oddly quite similar to my own. He understands the importance of keeping up with the latest trends, seeking out new valuable information, planning and sticking to a daily routine, but most importantly, Ali strikes me as a type of person who is loyal, hard working and who can be trusted to fulfill almost any task he
sets his mind on. And that is where he really shines. I couldn’t ask for a better partner to come along on this personal ambitious long-term journey with me and I am both thrilled and excited that he is all in.

Thank you, Ali. It’s an honor to have you.
Fonchia Zama-Chi

 Join Us on the Journey

We invite you to Join us on this journey of technological innovation with Brainerbook. Together, we’ll bring ideas to life, tackle challenges head-on, and shape the future of technology. 

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