" Your Brain’s Personal Gym in the Palm of your Hand!" Become a ‘Brainer’ and Boost your Mental Health Fitness and Academic Performance.

Brainerbook is an app in pre-launch currently in the fund raising stages of development. Brainerbook is designed to help individuals strengthen their mental health and boost their academic and professional performance.

It does this by primarily using “Time-boxing”, “Gamification” and “Goal Setting” to create a unique user experience that promotes organization, productivity and fun.

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The Story Behind Brainerbook

I am someone who loves to read books; in particular, non-fiction books. Having a degree in psychology, one of my favorite books to read are books about human behavior. I once read a book about “body language”. However, when I returned to read this book for a second time, only just a few months later, I realized that not only had I failed to remember most of its fascinating detailed contents and anecdotes, but in addition, the second reading of the book was almost as novel as the first! I was both flabbergasted and disappointed by how little I remembered. What was the point of spending all this time and effort reading a book if you’re only going to remember a measly 10% of its contents in just a few short weeks?

This is when it dawned on me that I was probably not the only one who struggled with this same problem who desperately needed a solution for it.

So I decided to start intensely pondering on ways in which I can create an effective strategy to distill the essential contents from any non-fiction book, and store it in my long-term memory as efficiently as possible, with the least amount of memory decay and time loss. I began purchasing books on metacognition and studying and reading them one by one, and carrying out mental tests in my head of each of the techniques and concepts that I had learned. After all the memory techniques that were taught to me by the authors, the number 1 technique that stood above the others, is one that was thoroughly described in the 2014 pivotal book “Make it Stick” by Peter C. Brown et al. This technique is what people call “Retrieval Practice”. And when done properly was known to yield unparalleled results.

From there I decided to create a new type of flash cards that I called “Brain Updates” which incorporated retrieval practice in tandem with other scientific learning techniques based on metacognition that enable the human brain to retain more information or be “strengthened”. Hence the name: Brainerbook; and the slogan metaphor: A Personal Gym for Your Mind.

The Mechanisms Behind Brainerbook Timeboxing, Gamification, Goal-Setting

What is Timeboxing?

Brainerbook uses “Timeboxing”. As the name suggests, Timeboxing is when you before hand plan to dedicate a specific amount of time to a clear task that you give maximum focus to, while eliminating all forms of distraction. What makes Timeboxing so powerful is because often when people work without timeboxing their sessions, not only do they not measure how long they work, and keep track of their progress, but their sessions of work also often become less productive since they show less restrain from distractions by attempting to switch their focus on multiple things. Many of which are less important and irrelevant. Brainerbook harnesses the power of time boxing to help the user intensely focus on only that which matters while ignoring all other distractions.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is when you make an otherwise mundane activity more enjoyable by adding “game elements” to it. Brainerbook is designed to be fun to use because it adds gamification to goal-setting and everyday activities. Now when you do simple things like washing the dishes, the laundry, or reading a book, or going for a walk you can receive recognition and measurable rewards!

What is Goal-Setting?

Goal setting is when you set an objective for you to complete by a certain time or date and do so. Here at Brainerbook we are convinced that through the completion of these goals, the user becomes more productive and experiences a rise in self-esteem and is able to live a happier, more fulfilling life.
Now that I identified and built a solution to the problem, my next task was to find a suitable target market- where these individuals are who will likely use the app and benefit from it more than anyone. It was obviously a place that required much daily reading and memory retention and an environment that if you were unable to do so, you would likely have to deal with much stress and negative consequences. So the first thing that came to mind were colleges and universities.
After doing extra research and reflection on my past as a student, I realized two important things. The first was that university officials’ main concern was not even the grades of their students, but their mental health and emotional well-being. And the second important thing is that, from my own memories, the times where I struggled the most to excel academically was during times when my mental health was low and I was feeling depressed or just distracted and unable to organize my non-academic life and “get things in check”.

Terms and Conditions of Contract Payouts

Brainerbook is a legal business entity registered in South Africa on December 17th 2020 by Fonchia Zama-Chi an American University of the Witwatersrand and Regent Business School graduate who is currently living in Pennsylvania, USA. Fonchia is extremely confident that Brainerbook will be a major success, that is why he is gladly willing to take a micro-investor subscription crowdfunding approach to raise funds for its development. Under this approach, Brainerbook is willing to give each Lvl 1 micro-investor the following:

$35,000 (USD)

after investing ONLY $40 p/m for 18 months into Brainerbook’s development, incrementally paid AFTER monthly revenue from 1 million paying users has been received and monthly sustained.

Access to the Brainerbook Micro-Investor Portal

where the founder will be able to personally connect with the micro-investors and give monthly updates on the progress of development. And also where there will be an exclusive forum for micro-investors to communicate among themselves. (This will be available shortly a few months after crowdfunding has begun.)
“So instead of exclusively focusing just on the educational side for Brainerbook, I decided to take a two pronged approach where I focused also on the emotional side and mental well-being of students. This came natural to me since I have a background in psychology. I then broke down the emotional side of an individual’s lives into 7 main sections that Brainerbook calls the 7 Life Facets. I strongly hypothesize that if all 7 of these life Facets are in check, then an individual will experience much happiness and live a more fulfilling life. Brainerbook is here to help you do that. We hope you join us on this journey to help put an end to the mental health crisis and create a happier world with less stress, anger, depression and violence.”

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